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NAME: Ivan O. Plyasov
ALIAS: “The Cat”, “Crow”
BORN: 03.02.1975
LOCATION: Kharkiv, Ukraine
HEIGHT: 185 cm.
WEIGHT: 80 kg.
EYE COLOR: black
IMDB PAGE: click here
FAVORITE ACTORS: Christopher Walken, Johnny Depp, Jude Law.
FAVORITE ACTRESSES: Sigourney Weaver, Jodie Foster, Julianne Moore.


1. CHINESE MARTIAL ARTS: Tai-Chi Chuan, Wing-Chun Kung Fu.
2. JAPANESE MARTIAL ARTS: Ken-Jitsu (art of Japanese sword use), including katana-vakidzashi pair use.
3. EUROPIAN MARTIAL ARTS: fighting with use of medieval knight weapon and armor.
4. LANGUAGES: English, Ukrainian and Russian
5. Horse riding.
6. Skydiving


I am INTERESTED in stunt or actor job in movies, documentary films, music clips, possibly, advertisement etc.

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Just right now I have full equiped and expirienced film crew ready to shoot and make ready for post-production any video film for Your reasonable choice and suggestion. Also we have two scripts of our own, ready to shoot movies based and make this movies ready for post-production (one is fantasy martial arts school comedy and second is historical knight war drama of king Arthur times). Also we have basic idea for the film from Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) history. We need funding of approximately twenty thouthand US dollars (it's full buget for each of the movies, mentioned above) to start shooting.

I am a chairman of cultural and historical club “VARYAG” (one of the oldest in our country- founded 1991), named after slavonic name for vikings. Our club is practicing slavonic peoples (including Ukrainian cossacks), vikings and knights life,culture, martial arts and military traditions re-enactment. So, I can bring together with me a well-trained TEAM, suplied with weapon and armour, of “knights”, ”vikings”, ”slavonic warriors”, ”japanese samurai & ashigaru warriors” or “eastern martial arts fighters”, experienced in stage combat, stuntwork (including "modern" movie tricks - fighting, fire tricks etc.) and roleplaying.

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